Meet the Team

Want to teach a workshop?  Please reach out with your idea to lead others on a creative journey of recovery.

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Darin Valdez

Founder, Executive Director

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Wil Snyder

Instructor, Board Member

Wil Snyder is our in-house professor of music, having developed and taught a handful of classes including "Speaking the Language of Music & Recovery." In addition to being a key part of our CAiR family, Wil is a musician, teacher & entrepreneur residing in Denver, CO. Wil's sobriety date is Jan. 3, 2016. He grew up in Kansas City and graduated, with honors, from Southern Methodist University in 2013 with degrees in Financial Consulting, Music Composition & Spanish. Wil grew up studying jazz and classical piano from a diverse set of teachers, from around the globe. He now specializes in playing multi-keyboard rigs, as well as being able to sing, play drums, sax, guitar, bass & trumpet. As a composer, producer, arranger & multi-instrumentalist, he utilizes his talents playing in and writing for some great local and nationwide artists [Tula, Verses the Inevitable, Yonosei & Wes Hamil to name a few]. Simply put, Wil is often referred to as a "hired gun" in the music industry because he can play and write any genre. Recently, Wil joined the touring band, Eminence Ensemble and is busy writing his book, "Speaking the Language of Music," while trying to squeeze some free time in to enjoy his affinity for all things Nintendo. He is an honored member along the Red Road and a continuing example of what sobriety can do for one's dreams. He truly tries to be of service to his communities with his craft and everything he does.

Kendall Otis


Kendall Otis is a Licensed Recovery Coach (CCAR) and Local Artist.  She is currently majoring in Human Services and Substance Misuse and Trauma Counseling at Metropolitan State University of Denver with a focus on substance misuse and trauma recovery.  She teaches an art workshop with Colorado Artists in Recovery (CAiR) called “Fuel Your Creative Spirit”.  It provides a safe space to discover your creative spark and find a supportive community of creative souls along the way.  Being a person in recovery herself she believes that art can be a spiritual tool to use your past, your emotions, your hardships, your achievements, and your LIFE to be catalytic fuel for your creativity and recovery.  Her trauma informed approach and personal recovery journey enable her to support her students with a message of inspiration and hope. She teaches her students that true freedom and happiness can only be found within themselves, they just need the courage to open the door.

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Quana Madison


Quána Madison is an artist, mindfulness teacher, healing arts workshop facilitator and self-leadership coach. She combines inner wellness practices with expressive arts to promote creative expression, community and holistic well-being. A graduate of New York University and Colorado College, Quána holds a MA in Education and a BA in Philosophy. More information is available at and


Meet the Board


Board Member

Brian Tierney

Brian Tierney is the Clinical Outreach Manager for Red Rock Recovery Centers. Brian is a Certified Peer and Family Wellness Coach with the State of Colorado facilitating peer-based recovery coach workshops and is also working towards a degree in Clinical Social Work. Most importantly, he is a person in long-term recovery from an all-consuming relationship with drugs and alcohol. Through his own experience engaging with a supportive creative community in early recovery, he came to firmly believe in the restorative power of creative expression. Brian began his professional journey in the addiction treatment space five years ago at Red Rock Recovery Center as a recovery support specialist. After a series of roles, he found his way into Alumni Services where he was able to combine his passion for direct client care and community engagement. This led to an opportunity working with The Harmony Foundation where Brian was a part of an initiative to increase and diversify peer recovery support services and community resources. Brian has most recently moved into managing community relations and overseeing clinical outreach initiatives for Red Rock Recovery Center. He is also proud to function as an Advisory Board Member for the Recovery Cafe in Longmont and as a founding Board Member for Colorado Artists in Recovery (C.A.i.R.). Having heavily embedded the recovery ethos in his belief system, Brian is extremely passionate about helping others and creating intentional communities where recovery can thrive.