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Dance Class


In this workshop we will find freedom in movement through a series of exercises to help you get into your

body and discover the art of dance. Sometimes it feels unsafe or just plain hard to use words to express what

we’ve experienced, and many have found how freeing it can be to physically move through things that words

cannot express. We hope you will begin to experience the healing effects of movement and begin to feel

like creative movement isn’t just for the trained and talented, you can access artistic expression through

dance no matter who you are or your background.


No previous dance experience is needed. If you are a trained dancer, you will also get a lot out of this workshop.

3-Weeks In Person

Drop In Class

Dates: March 10th, 17th, & 24th

Time: 7:15pm - 8:15pm

Location:  CrossPurpose

                                       3050 Richard Allen Court

                          Denver, CO 80205

                            Click for Directions

This is a drop in class in partnership with Live Different Recovery

- no registration required -

just come by and have fun!


About Jenny Footle

Founder, Wellness Instructor

Beautiful Feet Wellness

Jenny Footle received a Bachelor's of Arts degree in International Relations with a focus on human rights and a minor in Dance in 2013, from Knox College, and holds certifications in Group Fitness, Zumba, yoga, wellness coaching, and personal training. She has been teaching various kinds of dance and fitness since 2008, she is a survivor leader and has been working with survivors of exploitation and the organizations that support them for over a decade, including 7 years in Denver.


Artist Statement:

As an artist she identifies as a dancer and a poet. She combines these passions into choreographic projects called choreopoems. Her poetry has been published by Polaris Project, a notable organization in the anti-trafficking movement. She is a survivor and a community leader who has been working with survivors of trauma, recovery, exploitation and the organizations that support them for over a decade. Her dance works have been performed throughout the US and she has spoken to audiences all over the world about her work in supporting survivors of exploitation. She uses her art to elevate survivor voices and create awareness for social change.

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