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Drum Circle
With Chad Irish

The Circle has healing power.

In the Circle, we are all equal.

When in the Circle, no one is in front of you. 

No one is behind you.  No one is above you. 

No one is below you...


We are one vibration.

All are welcome!  No registration for this event - just show up and have fun!

Drums provided or bring your own.

In Person

Third Wed. of Every Month 

Drop In - NO Registration Required

Next Drum Circle is:

               When: Wednesday, July 17th

  Time: 8:30pm              

                                Location:  Free Spiritual Community

                                            2122 South Lafayette St.

                                  Denver, CO 80210

                                               CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS

About Chad Irish

Hey, I’m Chad Irish!
I’m a sessions drummer, teacher, and multi-percussionist with 20 years of performing experience. Sober since May 2019, I’ve found my deepest connection to my higher power to be through music. Sobriety has allowed me to pursue drumming with newfound purpose, and organizations like CAIR and FREE have given me an opportunity to give some of that experience back. It is a privilege and a pleasure to be able to share my rhythms in recovery with you all!

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