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In this four-week workshop, we’ll practice expressing ourselves through spoken-word poetry. We’ll free write together each session, turn those scribbles into poems, find the voice of those poems and then eventually perform them. We won’t share our own poetry right away. We’ll build up to that by first practicing performing other poets’ poems. 


The goal is to get feelings down on paper and then let them fly in the air without judgment. This is not an overly-serious class about poetic form or meter. No expectations. No pressure. It’s all about self-expression and having fun with words. 


Open to all levels of experience. If you’re not sure writing/performing poetry is for you, this will be a supportive and stress-free environment to give it a try and see.

1 Night -  In Person Class

  Date:  Wednesday. March 20th

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

  Location:  Free Spiritual Community 

               2122 South Lafayette St.

     Denver, CO 80210

                    CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS

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About Ryan Flannigan

I found expressing my thoughts and feelings is essential for my sobriety — and one of the best ways for me to do that is through spoken-word poetry. I enjoy the process of playing with words, finding the poem’s voice, planting it in the air, and making a connection with people through what I share. I love poetry. And I don’t take it too seriously — it’s far too important for that. I’m grateful it’s a part of my journey, and I’m excited to share what I know so that others can see if it should be a part of their journey too.

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