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Wil has developed his own curriculum over the years, “Speaking the Language of Music,” which focuses on  learning music like a language. This Six-week class not only brings recovery into the music mix, it hones in on it. Learning how to recover and learning music are related in every aspect. These paths greatly benefit from each other and Wil is here to help you learn to navigate them. We offer a new way to explore and navigate the universal language, to make it enjoyable, fun, and a lifelong journey!  You will deepen your understanding of music, your recovery, and yourselves, while writing some great music. We will use keyboards to study music theory and then bridge that knowledge to use with other instruments.


Come be a part of this class, as there is nothing else like it on the planet!


Spots will go quickly so reserve your spot now!

Class Full - Waitlist Available

​6-Week  In Person Class

  Date: Starts Mon., March 4th

Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

  Location:  Free Spiritual Community 

               2122 South Lafayette St.

     Denver, CO 80210

                    CLICK FOR DIRECTIONS


***Please only sign up if you can commit to attending in person for most of the classes - we have limited capacity and group music lessons are difficult if some students miss a class***  

Wil Snyder Headshot_edited.jpg

About Wil Snyder

Wil Snyder is our in-house professor of music, having developed and taught a handful of classes including "Speaking the Language of Music & Recovery." In addition to being a key part of our CAiR family, Wil is a musician, teacher & entrepreneur residing in Denver, CO. Wil's sobriety date is Jan. 3, 2016. He grew up in Kansas City and graduated, with honors, from Southern Methodist University in 2013 with degrees in Financial Consulting, Music Composition & Spanish. Wil grew up studying jazz and classical piano from a diverse set of teachers, from around the globe. In recent years, he now specializes in playing multi-keyboard rigs, as well as being able to sing, play drums, sax, guitar, bass & trumpet. As a composer, producer, arranger & multi-instrumentalist, he utilizes his talents playing in and writing for some great local and nationwide artists [Tula, Verses the Inevitable, Yonosei & Wes Hamil to name a few]. Simply put, Wil is often referred to as a "hired gun" in the music industry because he can play and write any genre. Recently, Wil joined the touring band, Eminence Ensemble and is busy writing his book, "Speaking the Language of Music," while trying to squeeze some free time in to enjoy his affinity for all things Nintendo. He is an honored member along the Red Road and a continuing example of what sobriety can do for one's dreams. He truly tries to be of service to his communities with his craft and everything he does.

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