Fuel Your Creative Spirit





In this class we will be exploring our emotions and how we process them. We will use creativity as a means to process our achievements, hardships, love, pain, joy, sorrow, and everything else daily life hits us with! You will learn that these heavy emotions aren't meant to bring us down, they are meant to show us the path and teach us along the way. We will build confidence, grow strength, and find clarity through the creative process. We are innately creative and history has proven to us over many thousands of years that art is an essential part of our humanity.  From the oldest cave paintings by Neanderthals 40,000+ years ago of simple hand prints and charcoal buffalo, to the museums of today filled with precious glimpses of our cultures, we have always created art. 

We will connect, we will support, we will be vulnerable, and we will grow together for a strong community of artists in recovery. This will be a safe space to share our process and projects we have made in class. Sometimes we need to stop taking ourselves so seriously and just have fun!  Other times we will need to face the human looking back in the mirror.  No matter the case, we come out the other side feeling lighter and free. Each workshop will have a new project that focuses on sparking your creativity, and using your inherent creative spirit to inspire your courageous heart.

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About Kendall Otis

Kendall Otis is a Licensed Recovery Coach (CCAR) and Local Artist.  She is currently majoring in social work at Metropolitan State University of Denver with a focus on substance misuse and trauma recovery.  She teaches an art workshop with Colorado Artists in Recovery (CAiR) called “Fuel Your Creative Spirit”.  It provides a safe space to discover your creative spark and find a supportive community of creative souls along the way.  Being a person in recovery herself she believes that art can be a spiritual tool to use your past, your emotions, your hardships, your achievements, and your LIFE to be catalytic fuel for your creativity and recovery.  Her trauma informed approach and personal recovery journey enable her to support her students with a message of inspiration and hope. She teaches her students that true freedom and happiness can only be found within themselves, they just need the courage to open the door.