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Creativity, Healing, Authenticity, & Real Magic


You are invited on a 6-week adventure to recover, reclaim, and restore your creative Self.

Amanda Gold will be your companion and guide, as you and your fellow explorers work with art and

self-discovery tools that you can use the rest of your life to unlock your innate creativity and self-expression.
Creativity and self-expression are your birthright and heritage, and to participate in this class you do NOT

need to identify as an artist, creative or claim any talent or experience. This class is for you, ESPECIALLY

if you believe you’re not creative. Just be ready to have that notion flipped upside down ;).

If you are coming to this class with artistic experience and ability, great! You can continue to
explore the depths of your creative spirit and potential. The discoveries are endless…..


In this workshop you will work individually and alongside others, engaging in artistic, mindfulness,

movement, and written practices, to:

  • Uncover some of the lies, misunderstandings and limiting beliefs that have kept you blocked,stuck or feeling like you can’t make art.

  • Learn how to move past those lies and limitations

  • Learn how to cultivate a relationship with your wise Inner Self, to access your creativity and your  right to express it.

  • Learn how to create an identity that supports you in art-making and creative self-expression

  • Learn how to use artistic practice to identify, name, and work with all your emotions

  • Learn how to use art and creativity to get to know yourself better and find guidance through hard times and so much more!

The benefits of doing this work are immeasurable; some of the perks you’ll notice may be:


  • An increased sense of peace, purpose and well being

  • Greater confidence and improved self-esteem

  • A sense of safety and inner trust

  • Calm feelings and a sense of security that comes from knowing you have tools to handle any challenge that comes up

  • A connection to something greater than yourself

  • Community, connection, support and healing by doing this in a group with others on the same path

  • Inspiration, hope and excitement about the future and your abilities to create a life you love

Class is Full

6-Week  In Person 

Creativity Workshop  

Date: Starts Wed., September 13th  

Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm (MST)

Location:  The Art Gym

                       1460 Leyden St.

                           Denver, CO 80220

                              Click for Directions

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About Amanda Gold

Amanda Gold (she/hers) is a life coach and artist with a background in social work, community building, and advocacy. She uses a variety of tools and methods to engage people in mind, body and spirit, and help them become truly free, whatever that means for them. It’s powerful work, but she makes sure that it’s fun, too. Amanda has recovered from addiction, abuse and homelessness and is astounded by how good life can be, for all of us, no matter where we come from. She loves bad jokes, high-fives and glitter, and wants you to know you’re way more awesome than you think. 

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