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Join artist Kristin Frances for a new class called Warrior Soul Art & Recovery: Connecting Through Art.

This fun online course will help you discover your own warrior soul art in a community space where vulnerability, sobriety and meaningful connection is celebrated. Participants will practice mindfulness,

positive self-talk and self-reflection through art-making.

6-Week  Virtual

Creativity Workshop  

Date: Starts Thurs., March 9th  

Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm (MST)

Location:  On Zoom

You will receive the zoom link one week prior to class starting.

kristin frances barnes web pic.jpeg

About Kristin Frances (Barnes)

Kristin Frances (Barnes) is an artist, a single mama of three sons and has a full-time “day job” in the construction industry. Her own journey of uncovering and re-discovering her gifts is a direct result of her sobriety and trudging the road of happy destiny.


Kristin believes in creating connections among people and sees art as a simple way to facilitate those relationships. In her classes, her focus is on the process…the JOY… not the final product. (Prior art experience is not required!) 


Her wish for attendees is that they can relax and have FUN, while sharing and connecting in a safe and sober community. 

More information about Kristin and her own journey is available at

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